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Pilates boosts immunity and strengthens the lungs 💪.⁠

As we are now heading in Winter and the Flu season is with us, let me remind you of the story of Joseph Pilates and Influenza😪.⁠

Stories tell of Joseph Pilates on the Isle of Mann as a prisoner of war. This is during World War 1, he was performing in a travelling Circus. The circus happened to be in England during World War 1. Because of his German citizenship, he and the rest of the group were sent to the Isle of Mann as POW😮.⁠

Once there, Joseph Pilates was in charge of the injured soldiers. 🤕This is where he developed a lot of his exercise equipment so that bed ridden prisoners could exercise.⁠

When the influenza pandemic came to the Isle of Mann, the story goes that Joseph Pilates' group of exercising soldiers did not die.⁠

It seems the most important thing you can do for yourself and family is become proactive about your health. Colds and flu's can be less debilitating when your body and immune system is healthy and strong. Another reason to love Pilates and to do it religiously!⁠


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