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Do you love Pilates but find it too passive? Heart Pilates is your answer

Do you want a dynamic body workout? Heart Pilates is a total body workout moving from the Pilates jump-board on the reformer, spinning on the upright bike, and back to the abdominal series on the Pilates reformer, as well as working the larger muscle groups on the Cadillac, and Pilates chair. This work out will maximise the benefits of Pilates, toning and strengthening you and burning fat too. Heart Pilates will really get your heart pumping!

Burn fat fast! Feel alive! Feel energised! Heart Pilates is specifically designed to:

  • Maintain correct alignment, therefore reducing the risk of injuries common with traditional cardiovascular programs

  • Build core strength, endurance and power

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness, aiding in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases

  • Improve muscle tone and have fun

  • Reduce stress, enhance relaxation and feelings of wellbeing

Specific exercises and modifications are included to carefully meet individual needs.

Sweat guaranteed! Thank you in advance for bringing a towel to your Heart Pilates session.

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