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How much does it cost to do a Pilates session?

"How much does a Pilates session cost?" is a great question. I guess it depends on who you ask! A health club, a Pilates studio, a reformer studio or an independent mobile Pilates instructor. All these options and businesses have different pricing. The reason for the differences can be a variety of factors. The rent or lease, the equipment used, area or location, the experience and skill level of the Pilates instructor, length of session, duration of the program/agreement eg discount for blocks of 10 or 20 sessions. Let’s look at the differences why the costs vary from place to place and the above factors.

Duration of session Pilates sessions are between 45 minutes to 1 hour in length most of the time. Pricing of 30 min sessions are normally 75% of the hourly rate. The reason for this is because the Pilates instructor still has to create an effective program for the session in a quick and efficient manner. Some clients can get a great benefit from fast 30 min session. These clients are looking for time-efficient Pilates exercises. This is how I personally workout most of the time. Zoom, Skype or Facetime sessions can run between 30 minutes to an hours and are costed at the same rate as a 30 minute or one hour face to face session. To check my pricing please go here!

Upfront Payment discount

In most Pilates studios the length of the commitment will change the cost. The longer the commitment the less it will cost. Taube Pilates offers for upfront payment of blocks of 10 or 20. Blocks usually have a 12 week expiry so that the business can maintain a quarterly cash flow.

Business Model

The place and type of business will change the price often. Exclusive or private boutique type studios may be able to charge more.

Pilates Instructor Skill Level

In some Pilates studios, instructors get paid more based on their level of skill, education and experience, as well as ongoing positive feedback from class participants.

Average Pilates Session costs

Reformer studios are opening up all over the place! A casual class is as low as $30 for a single group reformer class. These classes have a young client base with a high level of fitness and a large number of participants in the class (usually more than 20). These classes are not for pre and postnatal, clinical or rehab exercise. Often the teachers cannot get around to correct the form of anyone in the class as they have to keep the class moving.

Pilates Studios are typically higher priced between $90 - $120 for a casual private. These sessions cater to a broad range of issues and injuries, from beginner to advanced and including clinical Pilates.

Independent Mobile Pilates instructors can start at $60 and be as much as $120, sessions can range in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Studio outgoings

Pilates Equipment – a new wooden studio reformer costs around $6,000. Studio outgoings include marketing, creating marketing materials, running Facebook ads and google ads. Ongoing training is essential too. I am a big believer in refining my skills, practical skills, as well as business skills. Other costs include subscriptions such as website hosting, music subscription, and bookings system subscription. Cleaning products, tools and time; many clients have allergies and a dust free, cat free, chemical cleaning free, and latex free studio becomes more important in this age of allergies!

Pilates Cost Summary;

If you are looking to start Pilates, don't shop on price only.

Start making connections or asking friends and your social networks if they personally know of any good Pilates instructors. Get to know the Pilates studio, follow them on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. Learn and what they are doing and make sure you can trust them.

Working with an inexperienced instructor may cost you an injury at worst, or poor technique at best. Perfecting the Pilates technique is essential to creating a lean and strong Pilates body. Neglect in correcting form can lead to bad habits that are difficult to break at a later date. Pilates programs should be designed to what the body craves (in movement terms), as well as the goals of the attending client, and keeping limitations in mind such as shoulder injury or pregnancy.

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