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Health and Fitness Tips That Are Pleasantly Affordable

Getting healthy and fit is an objective of many these days in a quest to look and feel better overall. However, many worry that this new lifestyle change may come with a hefty price tag. But Taube Pilates is here to outline some of the free and more affordable options that could be right under your nose.

Create a home gym of your own

Joining a gym can be expensive because you must accommodate this monthly expense in your budget. Rather, it may be better (and more affordable) to start your own home gym instead by buying second-hand gym equipment, often at a fraction of the price. But suppose you can't afford or don't want to splash out on used gym equipment, then you could easily use standard furniture around your home to squeeze in a workout or two. For example, the kitchen counter or a chair could help you work out tricep dips. Or you could just as well use your sofa to work on your core.

Make better home choices Sometimes, our home environment can set us up for failure or success. For example, a home environment that is clean, uncluttered, and at just the right temperature could do the world of good for your mental health for the most part. Scattering plants throughout your home also helps to improve air quality, promoting mental clarity to help you focus on your health and fitness goals even more. Another example is creating a meditation space to unwind and recuperate in after a particularly heavy workout. Meditation spaces also work well for de-stressing the mind as well.

Make smarter food choices As far as stocking up your pantry goes, try to have a bigger ratio of healthy ingredients and food items compared to junk food such as cookies, candies, and crisps. This way, when you do have your cheat day, you're more likely to grab something healthier than what you're used to. Also, be sure to fill up on plenty of filtered water, which is obviously far healthier than sodas and fruit juice.

Additionally, vegetables are often very filling. So if you want to reduce your calorie intake, skip the carbohydrates and starches and rather fill up on your favourite vegetables. Of course, if going out to the grocery store every other day is proving to be an inconvenience to you, you might as well start your own veggie patch in your own garden to have access to vegetables 24/7.

Eating healthy couldn't be easier these days, and you don't need a nutritionist to help guide you, either. Cue the many free apps available online to help you create nutritious meals already planned out for you, such as Noom.

Make exercise a necessary part of your day Even if you are pressed for time, you should try to make exercise a necessary part of your day, such as going for a jog during your lunch break, for example, opting to take the stairs and not the elevator, as well as taking the opportunity to walk the rest of the way to work instead of jumping off the bus at the very last stop. You could also go camping!

In the end, choosing to live healthily means making smarter choices overall. Moreover, it's about taking those little steps towards living healthily that make the biggest difference at the end of the day.

Taube Pilates offers top notch online courses for Pilates instructors. Reach out today to learn more.

Please enjoy this little workout below.


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