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My studio serves a variety of clientele including active ages, dancers, pregnancy and postnatal. I'm passionate about delivering creative and custom crafted exercise solutions for all my clients. Please find testimonials below.


“I enjoy that the program is custom made to my needs.


My neck, when working long hours at the computer is less sore, and I slouch less in the chair. I feel taller and have less pain.


I can recommend it to other people with chronic pains. It makes a big difference.”


"The best thing about doing Taube Pilates is having a more athletic body and improvements in my mobility and knee function.


I was surprised by the range of people who benefit from Pilates including the injured, the old, the very fit, or the young.

Louise is a brilliant instructor with a large depth of knowledge and a positive uplifting attitude. I would recommend starting with private classes to learn the form. Take time to learn the basics and you will find the advanced exercises much more beneficial."




"Everything is surprising at Taube Pilates! You feel so good afterwards and the time goes really quickly as you are doing many different things.


It's beneficial in building back up your strength without jarring or hurting yourself. My knees and my core are becoming stronger.  


If you are considering coming to Taube Pilates, definitely go!"


"Louise is an exceptional instructor who I highly recommend. I was a little worried when I tried my first trio session because at other studios I felt like the sessions were too generalised, however,


Louise really makes an effort to individualise each persons session but still makes everyone feel welcome by including all attendees in conversation and general chit chat.


Louise is very knowledgeable and has tailored my sessions specifically suited to my pregnancy... my fluid retention always subsides and feels much better after I’ve done one of her Pilates sessions. I thoroughly enjoy spending time at Taube Pilates."


"Louise is an excellent Pilates teacher.


Her knowledge is exceptional.


I have been attending Pilates with Louise for over 5 years and can highly recommend her studio."


“Dear Louise, A big thank-you for being my pelvic floor conscience during my pregnancy.


I have to say I think the Pilates I did really helped in labour, mentally and physically. I imagined opening up my pelvic floor like you had me working on, and I was able, although on an epidural, to push really effectively with awareness of my pelvic floor muscles. A big plus was no tearing!!


The Pilates has also I think really helped with recovery."


"I have been surprised by how much I genuinely look forward to and enjoy my sessions at Taube Pilates and by how I can notice the difference in my body when I am not able to regularly attend sessions.


Attending Taube Pilates has not only contributed to and improved my physical health and wellbeing, I have also found it beneficial for my mental health. Whilst attending a session and the end of a long and busy day can at times be physically challenging, I find Pilates to be a fantastic method of stress release and ALWAYS leave feeling more balanced!


Louise is an amazing Pilates instructor who attends to each and every one of her clients with genuine interest and attention to detail. She provides a personally tailored program to clients of all different ages and fitness levels in a unpretentious and extremely welcoming environment.


I would highly recommend Taube Pilates to anyone of any physical ability or level of experience looking for a new Pilates class. Louise treats all of her clients equally and provides consistent instruction, supervision and motivation ensuring that correct technique is maintained in order to fully benefit from each exercise and each session."


"I was surprised how much it has helped in recovery from surgery.

The best thing about doing Taube Pilates is gaining coordination.

I would recommend Taube Pilates to a friend or colleague because of the depth of understanding that Louise has, and her ability to communicate.

Give it a go, and be clear with Louise about why you are there, even if you are not really sure yourself.

Th greatest benefit has been gaining awareness of my body eg when cycling."


A tailored program on one on one sessions with Louise is simple yet has a big impact on overall body strength. 


Louise is passionate and cares about the program she creates, her tailored programs are amazing!

Louise is an amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge, tailored programs, and beautiful, relaxing studio.

Amazing Pilates programs and teacher who will help you achieve your goals.

I've noticed a big improvement on endurance and flexibility."


"I can feel myself getting stronger and more body confident and at the same time it's not some "over the top" gym or personal training regime.

Louise is fantastic. I love the intimacy of the small classes and while she is really friendly and warm there's she's also completely focused on participants getting maximum Pilates time - there's not too much annoying chit-chat.

Do it!

It's been fabulous for my neck and shoulder and all round strength but I will also say it's been great for getting "out of my head"."


"I like the other clients. I like the tailored exercises. I like the flexibility of picking times that suit me best. A very experienced and friendly instructor who is always happy to see you. Sessions also always run to time.

It strengthens your body as you get older and you get more flexibility. The tailored plan means that you're not at risk of hurting yourself.

The best benefit has been greater strength and flexibility."


"What surprised me most when I started Pilates was how incredible each machine was in terms of the multiplicity of options that they offered.


I think the greatest benefit is that my body is much stronger. Post surgery it's made a huge difference in my rehabilitation and capacity for pain.


I think Louise is a fantastic instructor, I know my body has been immensely improved because of the work we've been doing, and it's enjoyable. You have to work hard when you're here and you have to be more mindful in between sessions, otherwise you loose the momentum." 


"The best thing about doing Taube Pilates is how good I feel before going to work - working as a midwife - which is a really physically demanding job.


I recommended my mum start here, and she loves it just as much as I do.


I would highly recommend it and I just think, get onto it! Lou is amazing and she's a fantastic instructor."


"The thing I love about these classes is the tailoring to my needs and my physical issues.

It exceeded every other Pilates class I'd done before. 

It's fabulous for me! Being an older person i think it keeps my mobility and strength up. "


"The best thing about doing Taube Pilates is the feeling afterwards, just being full of beans, and motivated and stronger for the day.

I would be very likely to recommend Taube Pilates to my friends just from the results I've had. I'd like them to feel the same sort of thing.

The greatest benefit for me has been increasing my energy levels, enjoying time with my grandchildren more, and feeling more confident.

If you're considering coming to Taube Pilates I'd say just do it! Don't hesitate and you'll start to feel a lot better a lot quicker. "


"Do it!

The thing that surprised me about doing Taube Pilates was that I enjoy it so much. The best thing is that the time in class goes so quickly.

I have already recommend Taube Pilates to several friends.

The greatest benefits of Pilates is that I think I look younger and feel fitter."


"I've been coming to Taube Pilates for about 3 and a half years after a recommendation by my osteopath , who I'd been seeing for bad back pain. After only a few sessions Louise has helped me not even have to go back to my osteopath.


The session are fun, they are great! you use lots of different body parts and equipment, and what I really love is that she manages to adjust the sessions to whatever may be going on in my life. Helping me prepare to go on my trip to Machu Picchu, getting ready of a ski holiday, and most recently, helping me recover from my breast cancer surgery.

I would recommend anybody come to Taube Pilates to enhance their strengths, improve their body toning or just have fun!"

Taube Pilates... Fantastic!


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