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Please help me with a Google Review for my Pilates Studio

Google reviews are important for any local business. Potential clients are comparing my Pilates Studio with other Pilates Studios in the area, and reviews are a great way to help me to stand out.

Please help other people who want to do Pilates find me by leaving a Google Review.

We rely on reviews for almost everything these days, and our health and fitness is also one of them!

I know I read at least 10 reviews before making any purchase theses days, and am more likely to buy from a positive review. Positive google reviews build trust, even if we do not know the reviewer.

Type in the suburb where you live and then type in Pilates and see what comes up. If you find me there then please give me an honest review. These days your reputation as a Pilates Studio is based on google reviews! But these are your reviews and your views! I hope you can find it in your heart and your schedule to swing me a review on google for Pilates.

How do I give a review?

  1. Sign into Google (Gmail account)

  2. Search for Taube Pilates on Google

  3. Click to leave a review

  4. Select star rating, write review and submit

You must sign into Google and navigate to Taube Pilates listing on Google to leave the review. if you don't have a Gmail account it is very easy to make one.

Click here to go directly to Taube Pilates listing in Google

Then click write a review

Thank you so much for your help! I love keeping you practicing your Pilates exercises and keeping you fit and healthy!

Love from your Pilates Instructor,

Louise xx


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