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Be Stronger than Your Excuses!

Okay, we’ve all been there. Something just doesn’t work out, or something doesn’t quite go the way you had expected. Just maybe you failed to hit the target you had in mind.

When things don’t quite pan out as you had imagined, do you typically take ownership? Do you take responsibility? Maybe you’re the kind of person who takes initiative? Or maybe you are the kind of person who just makes excuses?

Yep, excuses are great. After all, they make us feel much better about ourselves. Making excuses means that it’s easier to live with our failed expectations. As a bonus, we win the sympathy of others, which in turn helps us to create deeper bonds with those around us. We’re not perfect after all, in fact, we are quite flawed and achieving our goals and objectives is tough work. Excuses provide us with reasons that help us explain away why we just aren’t good enough.

Many of us have big dreams and aspirations. This is of course wonderful. However, the reality is that many people don’t end up achieving the big goals they set for themselves. And it’s not that people aren’t capable. Many of us are more than capable of achieving things beyond our wildest imaginations, however for most, this never actually becomes a reality because people just kind of get in their own way.

The way we kind of get in our own way comes through the excuses we consistently make for not having enough, for not achieving a goal, for not handling a problem, or for not making the most of the opportunities life throws our way.

I use these excuses regularly and I am going to try to be stronger than them:

I just don’t have enough money.

I just don’t have enough time.

I’m just not ready yet.

What is your excuse?


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