All initial consultation are 55 minutes - by appointment only $105 

When you have your initial consultation, we take the time to get to know you, your relevant medical conditions and what you need for optimum function, form and fitness. We get to know what your body has been through, your motivations, short and long-term goals. Through your initial consultation we design a personalised program to help you achieve success. Our mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals in a supportive environment. We are committed to serving you with the highest level of customer service possible. Whether you are having a baby, a mum looking to get in shape after having a baby, a busy professional, getting in shape for your wedding, retired and wanting to have optimum enjoyment of life, fitness and mobility, cross-training for the next ironman, we have more that 16 years of experience creating personalised Pilates programs that get results.

We specialise in all types of client programs and restorative sessions.


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10 private classes (12 week expiry) $970      Book Now

The most effective way to master the Pilates method is to work with an instructor one on one. You will understand and fine tune the technique more fully. You will execute the exercises correctly with the guidance of your instructor and gain the maximum benefit from each exercise.


Servicing busy professionals with a hardworking 30 minute session, I can stretch your tight muscles, give you a restoring session to calm your mind and body or a power workout for efficient use of time. Some clients who suffer from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, or arthritis may prefer 30 minute sessions. Clients usually come two or three times per week for these 30 minute workouts.

A block of 20 x 30 minute sessions is $970 (12 week expiry)


A Block of 10 x 30 minute sessions is $535 (12 week expiry)


A single 30 minute session is $60


Single duet session $129


10 private classes (12 week expiry)  $990

When you want to share your session with someone you love. 


I have had grandmothers share a session with their grandchild, wife and husband, friends, and mates share sessions. Let me give you a restoring session designed specifically for you and your loved ones needs.

The price for these sessions is the same whether one or two people turn up to your booked in duet session.

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SEMI-PRIVATES - up to 4 in a session

Single semi-private class $50 Book Now


10 semi private classes (12 week expiry) $440 Book Now


20 semi private classes (12 week expiry) $835 Book Now

Individually tailored Pilates programs conducted in a small group setting—maximum four participants per class. Shared instruction lets you work through your personalized program, with close supervision and guidance to achieve your goals. You can also get to meet and know others who enjoy and share the many benefits of Pilates.


We are happy to organise a group session for you and three friends or family members.


If you would like to do a group session that is not scheduled on the timetable, we can advertise this as a group slot and hopefully find someone to share. You will be charged for a private session if it is just you. If someone else books in, you will be charged for a group session.


A block of 20 x 30 minute sessions is $970 (12 week expiry)

A Block of 10 x 30 minute sessions is $535 (12 week expiry)

A single 30 minute session is $60

Take a Pilates class anywhere anytime!​

These sessions are live! Offering two way interaction in real time. I can see and hear you and you can see and hear me. This means your workout can be tailored to you in the moment with a constant feedback loop or interaction, motivation, and inspiration.

Enjoy the benefits of a one-on-one private Pilates mat/prop (or even apparatus) session  in the comfort of your own home​


Initial consultation & four semi-private classes (4 week expiry)$275

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Deluxe Welcome Pack – 3 privates (including initial) $239


If less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given, the full fee of the session will be charged. Sessions are not transferable or refundable.

All blocks expire in 12 weeks.

Phone Louise Taube Pilates on 0413 882 726 or contact us at to find out the structured training program options for your unique body


The good news is that there are some health fund rebates for exercise classes.

Please check with your health fund. Mine gives me $250 for Health Improvement which includes Exercise class for $15 rebate or Exercise course for $250 (up to $250 per year). Check the list below, and give your health fund a call to see if they will give you a rebate.


I offer high quality Pilates sessions at great value. 
Select the session you need from our transparent price guide.
I tailor all your unique requirements.


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