Taube Pilates now offers Pilatescam sessions for those that are on the move and who want to maintain shape while away on holiday or business, interstate or overseas. Taube Pilates not only provides an individualised Pilates regime but also motivation so that you don’t lose condition while away – even getting stronger and more flexible! I have delivered private FaceTime Pilates sessions in Paris, London, Rome, Tokyo and New York as well as Melbourne and Brisbane Australia! Feel like I have travelled the world over. 

Lets connect via Skype or FaceTime. Take a Pilates class anywhere anytime!​

These sessions are live. Offering two way interaction in real time. I can see and hear you and you can see and hear me. This means your workout can be tailored to you in the moment with a constant feedback loop or interaction, motivation, and inspiration. Take a class at home, work, or on holidays! Enjoy the benefits of a one-on-one private Pilates mat/prop (or even apparatus) session  in the comfort of your own home.


  • A good internet connection FaceTime, Skype, or Google hangouts downloaded onto your computer/tablet/smartphone/iphone/ipad

  • A webcam (smart phones/iphones and tablets/ipads work well also)

  • Any props you might have (for example: mat, large towel, theraband, foam roller, magic circle). If you have a reformer, Cadillic or other Pilates equipment in your home studio or resort location, I can give you a workout here too!

  • A well lit quiet space where you can get the benefits of a workout and where you can easily move around, with minimal interruptions, and still hear me


We specialise in all types of restorative work including motivation to exercise, neck pain, and increasing flexibility.  Please find our price list in the document below.