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Men’s Pilates : Pilates is not just for women, after all, a man created Pilates.

Men’s Pilates is a way of progressing you through a powerful full body workout with a core focus, using clever spring choices for awesome results.

Men’s Pilates is based around challenging routines - but still within your ability, taking into consideration age, injuries and personal goals. Helping to sculpt your chest and biceps, define your triceps, and tone your arms without creating a sore neck. Most men do sit ups at the gym with incorrect technique, creating bulging abdominals rather than a flat stomach. Flatten your abdominal structure and chisel your obliques with carefully considered Pilates moves. Through this we will improve your posture making you look taller, stronger and with more authority and confidence.

We will carefully work your shoulders and neck without causing injury and pain.

Men’s Pilates will also condition your quads, hamstrings, and gluteal muscles as a foundation of awesome support for your spine, helping to get rid of lower back pain. You will master balance and co-ordination, while increasing strength, flexibility and defining your muscle structure.

Thank you for bringing a towel to your session, as you will be guaranteed to sweat!

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