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But First Pilates! Why we should put our Pilates session on the top of our to dos -THE BENEFITS

Pilates is an exercise system targeted at developing flexibility and core strength as well as promoting total body balance, which is why I love it so much! There are just so many benefits to doing Pilates!

We all know there are many benefits to exercising. It gives us more energy, and it’s great for our health. When we think of exercise we often think of all-out, high intensity running, cycling or sports and aerobics. But it might surprise you to learn that one of the most effective ways to safely condition your body is by practicing Pilates, and this is one of the reasons I started doing Pilates, it was a safe way to condition my body and to get into shape for the many dance performances I was doing years ago.⁠

The Pilates method has been around for decades developed by Joseph Pilates. One of it's original uses was for dancers to strengthen their bodies without risking injuries or building bulk in the muscle - which is an awesome benefit!

Here is some original footage of Joseph Pilates working with dancer Eve Gentry and then Anna Woolley Shaffer

Pilates benefits include alignment, breathing and flow of movement. Pilates improves flexibility, coordination and balance, builds core strength and develops control and endurance in the body benefiting all body types. Taking a regular Pilates session will benefit almost everyone, from a complete beginner to the very advanced.⁠ These can be in the studio with the equipment, online or even in the park!

Pilates Benefits Include:


Pilates exercises focus on posture and alignment and when performing these Pilates exercises with good technique, it will result in a better muscular body function as well as better posture.


Many people who decide to try Pilates for the first time do so to help regain strength after injury or as a preventative measure, just like me!⁠


Pilates can lower blood pressure and promote good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently.⁠


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