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Do you want to maintain your fitness and prepare for childbirth?

Pre and Post natal Pilates will assist your fitness for pregnancy, labour and early motherhood. You will exercise safely, maintaining and building muscle tone. Pilates helps you regain shape and strength after delivery. Pre and postnatal Pilates can be incorporated into private, and trio sessions.

Please inform me if you have recently become pregnant and I will alter your program as required.

Three things a Pilates pregnancy program should deliver:

  • Give a greater awareness of the pelvic floor muscles. You will feel the encouraging sensation of being able to lift up through the pelvic floor. Practiced daily, the pelvic floor will become more elastic, which is a bonus during labour, and supportive – to assist in bladder control and prevent future weakening.

  • Sculpt and shape arms ready for the lifting of your exceptional new little bundle of joy! Innovative Pilates’ equipment allows you to strengthen and tone safely.

  • Improve posture and condition muscles to protect you from backache.

Specific exercises and modifications are included to carefully meet individual needs.

As with all exercise programs, you should consult your doctor before commencing. Pilates exercises are most effective when working with a qualified Pilates instructor who can design your specific program around your needs, goals, and desires.


Following your pregnancy and the stress that your body goes through during giving birth or a caesarean, it is essential that you rebuild your pelvic floor, abdominal structure and overall fitness. Postnatal Pilates will help you strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and speed up your body’s recovery. Carefully designed programs will assist in helping to strengthen the abdominal – especially if there is abdominal separation.

Get your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles working again!

Pilates is the ultimate body-conditioning workout as it works the muscles without loading the joints and can be modified to suit all bodies! It is perfect post pregnancy because it focuses on developing core abdominal strength. Make some time for yourself to strengthen your body and relax your mind so that you can be the best Mum possible!

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