The importance of Stretching!

Joe Pilates wanted us to limber and stretch our muscles and spines to becomes as supple as a cat.

Core strength and stretching is essential in this day and age and Pilates is an ideal form to create this in the body.

Feel the quality of the movement of length and control, grace and flexibility as you move through your stretches.

Here are 10 reasons why we should stretch:

  1. Stretching improves your performance as joints and muscles are taken through a range of movements enabling your muscles to work more effectively.

2. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles rejuvenating them and keeping them nourished.

3. Stretching prevents injury – muscles are more likely to tear or snap when not stretched before explosive energy bursts. The most effective way to stretch is dynamically, so moving through the stretch rather than holding. This is why I love the Reformer and Caddie for stretching. The equipment supports you through a range of movement. Remember not to bounce when you are stretching, sometimes this can tighten muscles up! In Pilates when doing an exercises such as the scissors slow down the second pulse and reach further into the stretch rather than bouncing into it.

4. Stretching improves flexibility in the muscles, and therefore the range of movement in the joints.

5. Stretching is relaxing, we all get tight muscles when stressed, stretching out these tight muscles helps both the mind and the body to relax!

6. Stretching restores balance to tight muscles helping to promote ease of movement.