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If you fall, I'll be there!

If you fall, I'll be there! - Mat⁠

But seriously, falling over is a real health risk.⁠

Falls are the leading cause of unintentional injury in older Australians. As well as physical injury, falls can cause loss of confidence and fear of falling, so over time, older people may become less active, which may increase their risk of falling. I can see this is my Dad.⁠

Evidence suggests falls can be prevented by exercising, modifying the environment (particularly at home) and reducing some medications. Vitamin D and calcium supplements can also reduce fall-related fractures.⁠

Pilates uses a range of exercises to assist with falls prevention such as standing on one leg exercises eg. the Scooter on the Reformer, Standing leg press and lunges on the Chair. ⁠

Pilates also uses functional exercises to increase bone density such as standing side splits on the Reformer, Standing arm springs and Standing leg springs on the Caddie.⁠

Falls can be prevented⁠

Keep yourself mobile⁠

Inactive or unfit people tend to have poorer balance and weaker muscles and can be unsteady when walking. These can all increase the risk of falling. It is common for people who feel unsteady to do less walking. Over time this actually makes you more likely to fall because your muscles get weaker, your joints stiffer and your balance gets worse.⁠

Our bodies were designed to move!⁠

Pilates keeps us healthy and reduces the risk of falls. It can also:⁠

❤️ Improve balance⁠

❤️ Improve muscle strength and flexibility⁠

❤️ Keep bones strong⁠

❤️ Increase energy levels⁠

❤️ Help with sleeping problems⁠

❤️ Help to control blood pressure, blood sugar levels and weight⁠

❤️Improve your mood and help you to feel good.⁠


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