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The reality is the world is changing and bodies are too...

The reality is, we’re living in an age of acceleration – where change is happening faster than most of us can keep up with and opportunity goes to those capable of adjusting swiftly to the shifting winds.⁠

Of course just because you intellectually understand the need to be agile doesn't mean you don't struggle with putting it into practice. We, humans, love a plan and most of us struggle to let go and go with the flow. We just get very attached to our plans and habitual ways of approaching problems. Challenging our well-practised default behaviours can be uncomfortable. Old habits die hard.⁠

Yet when it comes to adapting to change and seizing the opportunity it holds, rigidity can be costly. For example, I understand that if I don't change my business model with agility right now, I may miss new opportunities and lose income.⁠ (written during 2020 lock down)

The same applies to the body. As we age our bodies become less flexible, more stiff. I find myself in the morning getting out of bed "like an old woman" and I am only 49! ⁠

Movement helps and movement heals.⁠

Maintaining flexibility in your joints and muscles can prevent arthritis. Flexible muscles are less likely to tear when put to the test.⁠ Joints that are moved regularly are lubricated and less likely to become still with arthritis.

The other thing Pilates does is to challenge your motor skills and co-ordination as exercises change from session to session.⁠

Try crossing your arms right now. (Go on, cross them.) Now uncross them and recross them the opposite way. Harder than you thought, isn’t it? The reason is that we’re all wired with automatic reflexes, responses and decision-making strategies when faced with seemingly familiar information or stimuli. This enables us to be more efficient. However, you can become too reliant on the same default ways of responding and of moving.⁠ This needs to change as we all do with the rapidly changing world we are living in.⁠


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